Important Fishing Techniques for All Anglers to Learn

Important Fishing Techniques for All Anglers to Learn

August 13, 2019

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time angler, it’s always important to learn and practice a wide range of fishing techniques so you’re prepared for just about any sort of fishing. Different techniques help you take on different kinds of fish, varying water conditions and depths and so much more. You can then match the equipment you use to the type of fishing techniques you enjoy the most.

Here are a few examples of some fishing techniques you should learn, some of which will be useful on a fishing charter in Pensacola, FL.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is extremely popular out west, where both artificial and natural flies can be used to catch fish in rivers, lakes and more. It’s popular largely due to its versatility—it can be done in freshwater or saltwater. But there’s nothing like hitting up a western river, catching your own flies as they spawn and using them as bait for trout!

You’ll need to get a fly rod if you want to fly fish. The choices here are endless, but the factor that binds them together is that fly rods are generally more flexible than standard fishing poles. You’ll also need special fly lines (floating or sinking, depending on where and how you’re fishing) and will need to learn the methods associated with fly fishing, including steps such as presentation and retrieval.

Drop shotting

Drop shotting is a kind of fishing that can be performed in waters of all types and conditions. The idea is that you bounce the lure slowly along the bottom, using small flicking and jerking motions at the rod tip. This makes the artificial lure seem like it’s alive, which makes it more attractive to the fish in the area.

Most anglers will use spinning rods for drop shotting, but an all-around rod is more than suitable for beginners. Six-pound test fluorocarbon lures are ideal for beginners, but as you get more advanced, you’ll adjust the lure based on the size of the fish you’re going after.


Trolling involves lines being lured and cast from a moving boat. The boat should be constantly moving in a straight line at a slow speed. The fishing lines drift along the current, which makes them look like natural prey to fish like kingfish, wahoo, sailfish and mackerel. Trolling rods are generally a bit longer, and you’ll need reels that have a very smooth drag to prevent you from losing any fish. Skirted lures are going to be the most popular application for trolling in saltwater, but again, the kind of lure varies based on the kind of fish you’re trying to catch.

Bottom fishing

This type of fishing is exactly what it sounds like: dropping a lure toward the bottom to get to a particular fish habitat. A fluorocarbon line is ideal here because it’s not as visible to fishes and it is tough and corrosion resistant.

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