How Does Rain Affect Your Private Fishing Charter in Pensacola, FL?

How Does Rain Affect Your Private Fishing Charter in Pensacola, FL?

February 8, 2019

If you schedule a picnic, rain can really throw a wrench in your plans. The same goes for ballgames and days at the beach. But what about private fishing charters in Pensacola, FL? How does rain affect these trips?

Most importantly, if rain is in the forecast, should you get your gear together to hit the water before the storm arrives, or wait until after it passes? Use the following tips to guide your plans for your next private fishing charter in Pensacola, FL.

Fish Under Pressure

Did you know fish make good weather forecasters? They are very in tune with the weather due to their sensitivity to changes in barometric pressure. As storm fronts move in and out of a region, the pressure changes. Fish sense these changes, and they affect the activity and feeding of the fish.

Due to this barometric effect, it is often best to fish before a forecasted storm. Cold fronts (which typically bring storms) cause a drop in barometric pressure. When the pressure drops, air bubbles in the water are released. As this happens, tiny organisms and particles move to the water’s surface. This attracts fish to the surface to feed. During this activity, you are more likely to catch more fish.

After the storm passes, the pressure rises and fish become less active. Since they are more lethargic and less likely to be at the surface to feed, you’ll be less likely to enjoy a good catch.

With these patterns in mind, it can be worth your while to keep an eye on the forecast and plan your private fishing charter in Pensacola, FL right before the next storm is scheduled to hit.

A Stirred Pot

On the flip side, it can be good to schedule a private fishing charter in Pensacola, FL after a rainstorm. While most fishermen recommend going before the storm, there is one effect of the storm that can work to your advantage after it has passed.

If the weather before the storm has been dry and hot, this may have made the fish less active. The heat and dryness usually lead to a decrease in food on the water’s surface, which makes fish lethargic. When the storm arrives, the rain stirs up the water and attracts insects. This arrival of foods can attract fish to the surface. This, in turn, provides the high activity level you need for a successful private fishing charter in Pensacola, FL.

Check the Forecast

Ultimately, it’s possible to have a great private fishing charter in Pensacola, FL before or after the rain. How? By partnering with local fishing experts who can guide you to the best fishing spots and provide quality gear for your excursion. To plan your next successful fishing adventure, contact the experienced team at Entertainer Charters, LLC. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for private fishing charters in Pensacola, FL since 1988. Bring food and friends, and we’ll provide all the bait, tackle and fishing licenses you need! Contact us today!

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