Can the Tides Affect Your Fishing Trip in Pensacola, FL?

Can the Tides Affect Your Fishing Trip in Pensacola, FL?

January 25, 2019

You’re planning a fishing excursion. You want to come home with a great catch. You research the best fishing spots and gather the best gear. What else should you consider as you plan your fishing trip in Pensacola, FL? The tides.

Tides can greatly affect the success of your fishing trips in Pensacola, FL. How? Here’s the scoop.

What are tides?

Due to the gravitational pull of the moon, the waters of the oceans rise and fall. This rising and falling of the sea level is called tides. They change with the cycle of the Earth and the moon, based on where the Earth is positioned relative to the moon. Every six hours, the tides change from high to low. Each day, an area typically experiences two high tides and two low tides.

What is the best tide for fishing trips in Pensacola, FL?

Fishing is usually better during the middle of the tide. At low tide or at the peak of high tide, the water is usually still, and many fish prefer flowing water. They are more active then. As the water flow slows, so do their bites. Because of this, for the best results from your fishing trips in Pensacola, FL, plan your fishing time with the tide.

What about deep-sea fishing?

Deep-sea fishing is also affected by the tides. The tides guide currents, which carry food to areas that will attract fish. Circular water movements can create small whirlpools with rich food deposits. The tides can also push nutrient-rich water to the surface. Either way, this water movement creates an attractive spot for fish to gather. As small fish gather here to eat tiny organisms, large fish also show up to eat the smaller fish. A wise fisherman will study the tides and currents to determine where the water and food are leading the fish.

Do tides affect some areas more than others?

Yes—the tides impact shallow waters the greatest. Estuaries, bays, harbors and reef areas feel the greatest effects of the tide.

How do tides affect fish feeding cycles?

As mentioned, tides carry food that attracts fish to certain areas. Coastal area fish feed mostly on the flood tide, as organisms are washed toward the land. Other fish feed at the ebb tide. As the food supply is depleted, they move to other areas. Patterns vary by species and region. Fish habits can be quite different even a few miles apart. Consult with your local fishing charter company to discover the fish feeding habits of the species in your area.

Plan Your Next Tide Trip

Are you ready to use the tide to your advantage for your fishing trips in Pensacola, FL? To plan your next successful fishing charter, contact the experts at Entertainer Charters, LLC. We offer walk-on trips as well as privately booked trips for friends, families or corporate events. There’s plenty of fish to catch, as well as beautiful dolphins and sea turtles to watch for among the deep, blue waters. Bring food and friends, and we’ll provide all the bait, tackle and fishing licenses you need!

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