How to Pick the Right Rod for Your Fishing Spot

How to Pick the Right Rod for Your Fishing Spot

November 20, 2018

Did you know there is a difference between deep sea and lake fishing rods? Your fishing destination should determine which rod you choose. How can you pick the best one? Use the following tips from a provider of private fishing charters in Pensacola, FL. When you choose the best rod for your fishing locale, you’ll enjoy a better experience and a better catch:

  • Know the difference: The most important thing when choosing a fishing rod is to understand that not all rods are the same. One of the main differences between freshwater rods and saltwater rods is the flexibility. Freshwater rods are typically more flexible, which allows you to feel the strike of the fish. Saltwater rods, meanwhile, are usually stronger, to provide the resistance needed to pull in bigger fish.
  • Weight: This rod characteristic does not refer to the actual weight of the rod itself. Instead, it is a measurement of the flexibility of the rod. Different weights are appropriate for different types of fish and lures. Common classifications include ultra-heavy, heavy, medium, medium-heavy, medium-light, light and ultra-light. If you’re not sure which weight is appropriate for your fishing needs, consult with an expert from your private fishing charter company in Pensacola, FL to choose the best one.
  • Action: The second important characteristic that distinguishes various rods is action. The rod’s action is how much it can bend when pulled and how quickly it can retract to its neutral position once the force is removed. Rod action is classified as fast, medium or slow. Ranges in between these classes are also available. The location and type of fish you are attempting to catch will determine the action you need from your rod.
  • Pieces: Fishing rods are available in one or two pieces. One-piece rods can provide a more relaxed and comfortable experience, while two-piece rods are more complex to operate. However, two-piece rods might be more appropriate for intense waters or more active fishing charters.
  • Cost: Fishing rods are one of the most expensive pieces of gear you will purchase. Because of this, you want to make sure you are making the best investment. Keep in mind that the old adage rings true: you get what you pay for. While you don’t have to buy the most expensive rod on the market to enjoy a fun private fishing charter in Pensacola, FL, seeking out the biggest bargain might not be your best bet. Look for quality as well as price as you make your selection. The experts at your local fishing charter can help you make an informed decision.

Would you like to learn more about fishing rods? To pick the best rod for your location and needs, consult with the pros at Entertainer Charters, LLC. As a longtime provider of private fishing charters in Pensacola, FL, we have the experience needed to answer all your questions and help you have the best fishing experience possible. Since 1988, fishermen have been relying on our staff for their in-depth knowledge and superior customer service. Reach out to our team today for more information!

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