Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for a Fishing Charter in Pensacola, FL

Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for a Fishing Charter in Pensacola, FL

September 19, 2018

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to book your fishing charter in Pensacola, FL, there’s no better time than now! The fall months are upon us, meaning we’re in between big tourism seasons in Florida. While the snowbirds will be coming back down to the state pretty soon, we’re not quite at the point of midwinter where people will be flocking south in droves to get away from the snow and cold. This means the waters are relatively uncrowded, allowing you to get out and enjoy a little more relaxation and solitude while fishing.

But it’s not just the less crowded nature of these fishing excursions that makes it a great time to book your charter. The fall weather is also much more enjoyable for fishers on charter boats.
From September thru late November, Florida experiences much lower humidity than it does during the summer months, as well as much less rainfall. You don’t have to worry as much about the major pop-up storms, and the danger of hurricanes and tropical storms begins to dissipate as the fall stretches on.

Let’s face it—being out all day in humid weather under the hot southern sun can really take a lot of the enjoyment out of fishing. Therefore, being able to get out on the boat when the weather is not quite as sticky makes for a much better experience, especially if you’re coming from out of state and have the ability to travel during the fall.

Types of fish you can expect to catch in the fall

The fall weather provides many different types of fish for you to catch while deep water fishing in Pensacola, FL. Here are just a few of the most popular targets for anglers:

  • Spotted sea trout:
    These fish are among the most popular gamefish in Florida. While they never have a closed season, they are especially common in the fall, and are fun to catch—they’ll bite on just about anything you give them.
  • King mackerel:
    Also referred to as kingfish, the king mackerel is a predator that migrates south each fall to spend the winter in the Florida Keys. Many fishers find they have their best luck fishing for mackerel during the fall while they’re on their way down south.
  • Snook:
    Snook are extremely popular for locals and tourists alike, and are almost entirely localized on the Florida coastline. Snook season is September thru mid-December, but are available for catch-and-release fishing all year round. Keep in mind there are strict regulations on keeping snook, which helps ensure future harvests.
  • Grouper:
    There are many kinds of grouper you can catch during Florida falls. They’re especially fond of fresh, live bait, and can be quite large in some circumstances. You’ll enjoy fishing for them, as they put up a good fight!

For more information about the various types of fish you can catch in the fall and why fall is the best season for deep water fishing in Pensacola, FL, contact Entertainer Charters, LLC today.

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