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In memory of Bruce Smith and His best friend Ken Combs

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SEASON 2016 fishing report march 12,2016

Finally the season is here, and we are ready as ever! We just got off of dry dock and we are done with the update projects to the Entertainer and she is absolutely beautiful!

We kicked off our first charter of the year on February 27th and the fishing was a little better than I would have thought! Last year the grey triggerfish were only open for 45 or so days which means we were unable to keep any in 2015! This year the trigger season is predicted to be a lot longer which is nice because the triggerfish are chewing the hooks off! Growing up, a triggerfish ranged from 2 to 3 lbs, where today an average triggerfish is 5 to 7 lbs.! I absolutely love to catch triggers but more than anything I love to eat them!

So on our first trip I went on a mission to make sure we had our limit of triggers before we did anything else. First down with 12 people we had our limit in no time at all, then we moved offshore to catch an amberjack! The amberjacks were acting like no one has fished for them in 5 years and we caught a limit for 12 people in an hour or so after catching plenty of giant snappers, gag groupers and giant sharks mixed in! We had some extremely happy customers and were back to the dock by 2 pm!

The water temperature is rising every week and the average water temperature 20 miles offshore last Saturday was 64 degrees which is a great sign that it is going to be a great year! The Mingo snappers are a little closer inshore than normal which is nice to not have to fish so deep! The first couple trips we have ran so far have been picture perfect and I can’t wait to start running everyday!

It is looking like the best time of year to fish, based on regulations, is going to be April, May, September, and October ! Red snapper season starts June 1 and it is proposed to be a 44-day season, similar to what we had last year! If I had to pick a time to go it would have to be either april-may or mid August-October. The weather is always nice and the fish ALWAYS bite. Mine and Skippy’s moto is “you want 40 fillets or 4 fillets” because we bring back twice the amount of fish outside of the red snapper season!

For the past four years the fishing in MAY has been by far been the best fishing for mingo snapper, amberjack, triggerfish, scamp grouper ,and all the deep water groupers such as yellowedge and snowies! The scamp grouper fishing in 180-290 feet in the spring is generally red hot! Come check us out at 655 Pensacola Beach Blvd. on Pensacola Beach and say hello or check us out on Facebook for more up to date photos!

What a great season 2015

2015 was one of the calmest seasons we have had in ten years!

In the spring we ran a lot of private trips on average of 10-12 hrs and produced more fish than we have seen in years prior. The scamp grouper fishing was on fire and many days we caught our limit for 15 people. Also the giant mingos and amberjack were bitting just as well and we saw some pretty amazing amberjacks early on in the season!

This summer we were busy busy we ran a little over 1500 people in the 44 days of snapper season and we caught some full grown ones. One trip for example we ended up catching three snappers over thirty pounds and one that weighed in at 35. If it were me i would prefer to catch a mingo snapper myself simply because they are a lot more desirable to eat. Red snapper are great but they have a lot more red meat in their fillets and everyone wants to catch a giant witch results in more red meat!

The fall weather was amazing! we had some awesome tuna trips, great amberjack fishing and we just about caught our limit of mingo snapper every time we left the dock! The one picture i posted is a picture of a good friend of mine Robby Louher of pensacola and his catch of a life time 130 lb tuna. Robby is an amazing person with more fishing skills than most folks he has been fishing with us once a month for the past 12 years. Little do people know Robby is totally blind and his fishing skills really show when he out fishes everyone on the boat! He always wanted to catch something over 100 lbs. and i was glad to be apart of that fish of a lifetime .

The other picture of the Green center consul is the newest addition to entertainer charters! It is a 39 venture with triple three hundred and we love it. We previously had the venture 34′ and it is amazing how much bigger the new boat is. Capt jerry has been busy with his new boat running all times of the year no matter what is open!

It was such a great year we decided to end with a bang! We entered the 2015 pensacola beach chamber christmas boat parade and it was a blast . We had 49 of our friends and family and the weather was perfect. Not only did we have a good time capt. jerry’s decorating skills got us first place and best of show!!

Looking forward to 2016 !!!!! check us out on facebook for updated pictures!! or come by the marina and check us out 655 pensacola beach blvd. and like we always say “may the good fishing be yours”

Capt rusty smith

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March 20, 2015!!

We are just now getting started for the season and we are glad it’s finally here. Can’t complain about the start we have had so far. Mirror slick conditions no wind and very little current. We fished this past Thursday march 19th and it was absolutely beautiful I had to look down at my calendar to double check it wasn’t July already!!! The amberjack fishing so far this year has been the best I’ve seen it in the past couple years! We fished a couple different wrecks yesterday and I was amazed how intense the jack bite was, and I loved every minute of it! We also caught more than enough Mingo snapper, white snapper, lane snapper. For a 6 hr trip having more than 25 gallon bags full of fish at the end of the day wasn’t to shabby!! For those who don’t know this year we are doing walk on  trips 6 and 8 hrs,guaranteed 4 days a week. If your coming in town and want to go fishing spur of the moment, or just coming to visit for the week with the family  do not hesitate to call us or come check us out at Pensacola beach marina it is located at 655  pensacola beach blvd, you cant miss us!!. Looking forward to seeing everyone this season!! Also we keep more up to date photos periodically on Facebook so look us up and come join us this season!!

August 1,2014

It is crazy to think it is already august 1st, it really goes to show “time flies when your having fun”. We have been running everyday since the first week of june and the fishing has been great. Mother nature has truely been kind to us so far this season by giving us 1 to 2 ft seas and light winds for the past 2 months.

It took awhile for the water quality offshore to straighten out this year due to our crazy rainy weather we had this spring, it is prettier than ive seen it in years. That being said the bait fishing around pensacola pass has been awsome we have been catching all we need in one throw of the cast net. Also all the pelagics are in full force we started catching nice king mackerels around the first week of july and we have consecutively caught a few nice ones everyday.

We have been catching scamp groupers, mingo snappers, gag groupers, red groupers,white snappers and today was the opening day of amberjacks. This is definitely my favorite time of year to fish , the last half of august through october.

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April 14,2014

Just as we predicted fishing is getting better and better every week. We have started running a couple walk on trips and they have been very predictive. Nice size Vermillion snappers, giant triggers, and an occasional  Amberjack.

We recently took some of our favorite clients on a two day trip, Bruce Smith and his family and friends from Michigan. The trip was great we caught some beautiful fish. We started out catching full grown Mingo’s nice triggers and at the same time catching white snappers for live bait. Once we had a good amount of bait we decided to head offshore and target some amberjack. The amberjack fishing was as hot as it gets . We caught our two day limit of 45-55 lb jacks in 2 hrs. It was a blast ,they always enjoy them selves and we enjoy seeing them every April.

Red Snapper Amberjacks in Florida

Deep Sea Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

March 26,2014


We started the season off on March 1 with some annual customers of ours and it went well. I was expecting a red hot bite considering there was very little pressure on fish this winter due to all the wind and freezing conditions , but we really had to soak our bait. The water temp offshore was 57.5 degrees which is about ten degrees cooler than it should be this time of year. That report has change already in just a two week time period the water temp is back up where it belongs and the fishing is great. We are seeing a lot of nice amberjacks 30 to 35 lb. range, real nice mingo snappers on our 6 and 8 hr walk ons, and my favorite the trigger fish have been chewing the hooks off! We had a great over night trip with another group of our annual folks, Chris Naulty and his family and friends from atlanta georgia. Chris told me this year one thing on his “BUCKET LIST” was to catch a nice yellowfin tuna and that he did!!. We trolled around one of the oil platforms about 90 miles from pensacola and the yellowfins were on fire we ended up catching 16 nice yellowfins that averaged 50 lbs. we caught one or two just shy of 80 lbs. We also caught our two day limit of amberjacks they were all full grown ,needless to say we had a tired crew after two days of excitement. They had a blast it was a great way to kick off the 2014 season! Looking forward to seeing everyone this season and don’t hesitate to stop by the marina and say hello!