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Gulf Coast fishing is best in the U.S. during springtime

Just what we’ve all been waiting for, spring weather, is here! If you thought that fishing here along the coast has been good lately, it’s all about to change. Fishing, along our gulf coast for the next two months, is going to be the best you can find anywhere in the continental United States.

The warmer weather, along with warmer water temperatures, will bring in large schools of baitfish of all species. This is the food chain that the larger fish depend on for survival. So with the influx of large schools of baitfish, you will soon enjoy catching species of all kind that will linger just behind the bait.

The cobia will continue to migrate along our coast throughout the month of May. They will tend to move a little further offshore as the water temperatures rise. So far this season has been great for cobia. There have been a lot of fish caught in the mid to high 70-pound range and several in the 80-pound range.

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Atlanta anglers with an 80-pound Yellow fin Tuna aboard the Entertainer<br /><br /><br /><br />
photo/Capt. Jerry Andrews

Atlanta anglers with an 80-pound Yellow fin Tuna aboard the Entertainer photo. Along the beaches and near shore the Spanish mackerel and king mackerel are beginning to show up in large numbers. The Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier is a great place to go experience some of this action if you do not have a boat.

Another favorite local fish is the elusive pompano. Pompano can be caught in the surf or on the local fishing piers along our Gulf Coast. You may try an artificial jig, known as a pompano jig, or live bait. If you enjoy a laid-back type of fishing experience, this is for you.

On the inland waterways, the redfish are showing up really strong. Around any of the local piers and boathouses you may find a washed out area or deeper hole. These holes are always holding several redfish. You may try casting a plug or live bait to see what lives there. You will be surprised at the number of fish you may come upon.

Further offshore, the bottom fishing is on fire. The larger public wrecks and much of the natural bottom structures are holding a lot of fish. Many of these fish consist of various types of snapper, triggerfish, grouper and Amberjack.

May is a great month to get offshore and try your luck. The weather is always great and fish are always hungry.

Maybe you are looking to get out and simply do not have the contacts to do so, give us a shout and we can hook you up on a great fishing experience.

As we always say aboard the Entertainer, “may the good fishing be yours!”


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